Archives of Edward and Deborah Pollack
A Small Selection of Sold Paintings
       Childe Hassam, Sunny Morning, Villiers-le-Bel                           

Karl A. Buehr, Young Lady with Parasol                                             Louis Ritman, Tea Under the Parasol
         Edward Potthast, Children Playing at the Seashore                                           John F. Folinsbee, Baby Joan
James Wells Champney, Under Green Apple Boughs
J. G. Brown, Thus Perish the Memory of Our Love
Charles Sprague Pearce, Copying the Canticle
Frank W. Benson, Portrait of a Woman
Julien A. Weir, Little Lizzie Lynch
John White Alexander, The Flowered Gown
Seymour Joseph Guy, The Alphabet Lesson
William J. Glackens, The Hammock
William J. Glackens, Lenna and the Rabbit
George Luks, Ducks on the Morris Canal
Edward Dufner, Morning, By the Lake
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William Merritt Chase, Gowanus Bay
Francis Coates Jones, Young Woman Reading
           J. G. Brown, What's Your Name?               Seymour Joseph Guy, The Bedtime Story
Robert Henri, The Blue Plaid Dress (Annie)                   Jeremiah Pearson Hardy, The Artist’s Backyard in Bangor, Maine
 Catherine Wiley, Two Girls with Parasol By The Water
Frederick Frieseke, The Mirror
Mabel May Woodward, Key West (artist's title)