A small sampling of the twenty-five works in the Laura Woodward Retrospective for the Palm Beach Centennial, December 16, 2010-January 14, 2011.
"What an interesting and important person to us." --Mayor Jack McDonald
Above works:
Top row: Lake Trail, Palm Beach; St. Augustine Skyline; Palm Beach Trail
Second row: Lake Trail, Palm Beach
Third row: Palm Beach bluff, Clarendon, Vermont, 1874; Red Hibiscus
Fourth row: Woodcocks, 1877; Gloucester Harbor
Fifth row: Cypress Creek, Seminole in a dugout canoe, Everglades; Tomoka Creek
Last Row: Royal Poinciana along Lake Worth, Palm Beach
Thomas Shields Clarke (1860-1920), Woman holding a glass globe, bronze. Laura Woodward was friendly with the Clarke family who lived south of her cottage on Lake Trail
Edward and Deborah Pollack Fine Art
205 Worth Avenue, Suite 202 (second floor)
Palm Beach, Florida 33480

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"It was the most beautiful place I
had ever seen."
Laura Woodward describing her
1890 visit to Palm Beach

"I love Palm Beach."
Laura Woodward, 1918
"Laura Woodward was the Pioneer."
Palm Beach Times, 1924