Hermann Herzog
His Remarkable Life
 Unrivaled Florida Work 
Rightful Place in American Art History

A new book about Hermann Herzog (1832-1932)
 by Edward Pollack and Deborah C. Pollack
Limited Edition 

Abundantly illustrated, this definitive and indispensable biography reveals Hermann Herzog’s personal and artistic journey from Germany, where he achieved his initial fame, to the United States, engendering American landscapes that added to his accolades. Most importantly, the book chronicles his travels throughout Florida from the late nineteenth century to early twentieth, which inspired his utmost triumph—over 300 paintings of the tropical, unspoiled state. 
  Incorporated in the numerous images of Herzog’s art, family photographs, maps, and charts, is a private collection of thirty-five Florida oils, firmly establishing his deserved status as the premier artist of the Florida wilderness. The authors’ comparisons with works by painters long presumed to be the greatest masters of Florida’s landscape, i.e. Heade, Homer, and Inness, will confirm Herzog’s significance to the state. Further comparisons with Albert Bierstadt, who did not paint in Florida, validate Herzog’s skill in depicting other regions. Citing primary documentation, this book also corrects many inaccuracies about Herzog's life and discloses the actual reasons for his immigration.
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"Thrilled and overwhelmed with this beautiful book! Thoroughly documented and researched." ---Robert W. Harper, Executive Director of the Lightner Museum from 1998 to 2019.

"A spectacular book and an even more spectacular accomplishment of highlighting Hermann Herzog's artistic brilliance. You can be very proud of your literary creation. Everything about the book matches or exceeds my expectations; from the dimensions and weight to the vast array of pictures and the detailed documentation. The color plates are spectacular and come to life as you stare at them. I love the glossy paper you used; it emphatically implies quality and research and investment. I certainly saw the comparison you make between Herzog and Bierstadt. It was brilliant. How can one deny your conclusions? It is a beautiful book and the successful culmination of years of patient effort and research." 
---Descendant of Hermann Herzog
                             Also available at the Henry Morrison Flagler Museum