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 Edward and Deborah Pollack Fine Art
    Edward and Deborah Pollack are fine art dealers with a Palm Beach art gallery at 205 Worth Avenue, located on the second floor with elevator access.The Pollacks specialize in important Florida and other tropical paintings from 1850-1980. In business together for over thirty-five years, they are noted as being foremost in the purchase and sale of paintings by Orville Bulman and Florida paintings by Hermann Herzog, Laura Woodward, and Anthony Thieme. There are many other American artists' works that their gallery specializes in as well. Deborah Pollack is an author and speaker.
Painting of Florida by Hermann Herzog.  
One of our specialties is Florida art by Herzog.
Visual Art and the Urban Evolution of the New South
by Deborah C. Pollack
            University of South Carolina Press                      
"This is a major readable and scholarly contribution to understanding the arts...."  --C. W. Westfall, PhD, Professor of Architecture, University of Notre Dame, Choice: Current Reviews
 for Academic Libraries
“...she provides a valuable account of an important aspect of southern urban culture.” 
Patricia Bixel, Dean of the School of Science and Humanities at Husson University in Bangor, Maine,  Register of the Kentucky Historical Society

Felix de Crano: Forgotten Artist of the Flagler Colony
  by Deborah C.Pollack
 Lightner Museum
Laura Woodward: The Artist Behind the Innovator Who Developed Palm Beach, the award-winning Palm Beach best-seller by Deborah C. Pollack
Orville Bulman: An Enchanted Life and Fantastic Legacy, the Palm Beach best-selling monograph by Deborah C. Pollack
Palm Beach Visual Arts by Deborah C. Pollack (Pelican Publishing Company)
“What better way to learn the rich history of the visual arts in the paradise that is Palm Beach than through Deborah’s exquisitely written and illustrated book?” --Marisa J. Pascucci, Curator of Collections at Boca Raton Museum of Art

“Palm Beach Visual Arts is a must read for anyone interested in Florida and American art.” --Robert Harper III, Executive Director of the Lightner Museum in St. Augustine, FL

 “Open this book and take a tour of the lush beauty of Palm Beach through the lens of artists!”
 --Catherine Whitney, art collector

"Kudos to author Deborah Pollack, the Lightner Museum and its executive director, Robert Harper, for bringing to life the story of an artist whose works epitomize a particular period in American art as well as an important era in the history of St. Augustine. Pollack is to be commended for the book’s combination of readability and scholarly research" --Marie Vernon, The St. Augustine Record, February 21, 2015.
Other Books by Deborah C. Pollack:
“A skilled historian and imaginative writer, Deborah C. Pollack has replaced half-truths and prejudices with a complete, exhaustively-researched biography of Marie Boozer’s life." 
--Alexander Moore, historian of South Carolina

​ "Bad Scarlett is a meticulously researched and engagingly written biography of Marie Boozer. Like the fictional Scarlett O'Hara, Marie was a stunning beauty whose good looks and vivacious personality charmed all the men who met her. Despite her beauty, charm, and noble marriage, not everyone admired Marie. ...Pollack finds the role that journalists, novelists, and historians of her native state played in denigrating Marie's character and perpetuating falsehoods about her actions and whereabouts especially intriguing."
Amy Thompson McCandless, Dean of the Graduate School, College of Charleston, from her review in South Carolina Historical Magazine, January 2018
"We’ve never selected a book as a season highlight, but Pollack’s book is so readable, comprehensive and informative that it deserves the distinction. The Florida art historian and Palm Beach art dealer’s book, released by Pelican Publishing, is the first to concentrate on the town’s visual arts history." Jan Sjostrom,
Palm Beach Daily News
“Deborah Pollack’s latest magnum opus, Palm Beach Visual Art, is elegant, scholarly, and most significant.”
Molly Charland, Director
 of Education at the Society 
of the Four Arts
"Deborah C. Pollack, a gifted writer, art historian, and art dealer has provided readers with Vintage Miami Beach Glamour: Celebrities and Socialites in the Heyday of Chic [The History Press], a penetrating look into the … high society world of the Beach. Pollack draws on the written insights of the urbane, charismatic French count [George Le Pelley du Manoir] to examine and explain the evolution of the famed resort through the activities and relationships, sometimes scandalous, often fraught, of its wealthiest, most entitled visitors whose ranks ranged from Winston Churchill to Elizabeth Taylor. Heretofore, we knew of their presence primarily through society and gossip columns. But the count’s written observations—some appearing in newsletters and magazines—bring their lives (and his) in the winter playground into sharp relief. ... Further, the author’s judicious employment of photographs, especially those of these reclusive visitors, embellishes her rich narrative."
From the foreword by Paul S. George, Ph.D, Resident Historian, HistoryMiami Museum

Edward and Deborah Pollack Fine Art LLC
205 Worth Avenue, Suite 202
Palm Beach, FL 33480
"Ms. Pollack’s work is certain to increase awareness of the art and beauty of sculpture that is all around us in Florida, and will inspire residents and visitors alike to appreciate sculpture as an art form." "This highly engaging book is divided into geographical regions, and it demonstrates that each area in Florida is home to fine sculpture." "I hope this book encourages people to seek out sculpture in the various regions of Florida and even to meet some of the talented sculptors who reside in our state. Deborah Pollack has done the people of Florida a great service by compiling this wonderful book. Enjoy the collection and be inspired!"  
--From the foreword by the Honorable Laurel M. Lee, Secretary of the State of Florida
 and Chief Cultural Officer
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