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   Deborah Pollack gave a lecture and slide presentation on "Florida Artists, 1860-1980" in Palm Beach, Florida, at The Society of the Four Arts Library on January 25, 2006, at 3:00 P.M.

   The artists who were discussed were Hermann Herzog, Orville Bulman, Martin Johnson Heade, Laura Woodward, Anthony Thieme, Emile Gruppe, Aileen Aked, and many others.

  The presentation was so successful that there was standing room only. Deborah Pollack thanks all who attended and the Society of the Four Arts.

Deborah Pollack has presented many more lectures since 2006. Please visit here to see her current schedule.

Aileen Aked "Palms on the Myakka River"
Orville Bulman "Big Booksie"
Presentation on Florida Artists 1860-1980