Hermann Herzog and Florida  
  Hermann Herzog often traveled to Florida by the early 1890s. His son, Herman Jr. lived in Gainesville and that was the primary motivation to make the journey.  
  Herzog sojourned far beyond Gainesville, however, scouring and painting the palmetto hammocks of the gulf and east coast, and the waters and forests of undeveloped and untamed Florida interiors. He included the wildlife of these areas by painting the deer, herons, razorbacks, bears and other denizens of the state. 
   An art critic for a Philadelphia newspaper at one time expressed, "No one knows better than he how to intensify the loneliness of a forest dell by the introduction of a shy deer or solitary heron." 
   Hermann Herzog continued to travel to Florida until around 1912-1914. He completed over 300 oil paintings of the state. 
    The Hermann Herzog Florida Project was conceived in order to collect and study only the Florida paintings by Herzog, as the primary purpose of Edward and Deborah Pollack is to bring to light works by the artists who created glorious paintings of Florida. The project was originated by the Pollacks to focus much-deserved attention to Herzog's Florida paintings. 
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Painting of Florida, ca. 1893 by Hermann Herzog signed H. Herzog, purchased by Edward and Deborah Pollack. This work is not for sale at this time.